Programs & courses

Typical courses schedule

  • Children 5-6 graders (grammar school): 36 hours
  • 12 weekly or 24 bi-weekly sessions.
  • Children 7-9 graders (middle school): 45 hours
  • 15 weekly or 30 bi-weekly sessions.
  • Teenagers 10-11 graders (High School):  45 hours
  • 15 weekly or 30 bi-weekly sessions.
  • Adults Program open for public: 30 hours
  • 10 weekly sessions.
  • Corporate and institutions: programs are tailored made according with the specific customer's needs and allocated time. Typical programs are ranging from 1-7 full days or a few half days. In some cases, the full Michael Course is also delivered to a selected group of employees.

Michael method main programs:

The structure of the course is multifaceted, intricately planned and balanced, and works on many levels. The essence of the Michael Method is to reach out and touch the student's inner self. This process cannot be described adequately by listing the different fields of study involved; the following is a partial list of subjects, allowing only a brief glimpse at some aspects of the full program.    The course offered to 10th grade pupils in Israel consists of fourteen, four-hour, weekly meetings. Although the study meetings are held on the school premises, they are after school hours and under the sole supervision of the Michael mentor.At the start of the course pupils undertake to comply with strict disciplinary requirements: to participate in every single study meeting, to arrive on time and to complete 100% of all assignments. Failure to comply with any of these requirements entails cessation of studies.

Michael Course for Elementary School Students

“An Introduction to the Michael Method” is a specialized program for fifth and sixth grade students. Program graduates are provided with tools and skills that help ease their upcoming transition to junior high
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Michael Course for Junior High Students

The junior high study program offers a rich, immersive experience andincludes over 70 fields of study adapted to the needs of 7th – 9thgrade students....
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Michael Course for High School Students

The program of study has been tailored to the needs of high school students in grades 10 – 12. The program is designed for all schools and all sectors of society. We have made it our goal to offer students a rich, deep, unique and original course...
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Michael Course for Pre-Academic Preparation Programs

A program adapted for students in pre-academic preparation programs. The course is offered within the framework of preparatory programs and colleges throughout Israel. Within the course, we emphasize the strengthening of learning skills with an academic orientation.
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Michael Course at Teacher Education Colleges

We view, with utmost importance, the role of instructors in training , studying at the colleges of education...
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Michael Course for the General Public

The course is designed for individuals aged 21 or older. The unique Michael Method taught in the course, enriches and gives a deeper understanding, thus improving creative thinking and its practice, handling changes, decision-making, developing techniques for realizing innate personal, emotional and social potential...
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Michael Course for Recently Discharged Soldiers

Completion of one's military service is a life altering event for those recently discharged. For the first time, these young adults must contend with dilemmas and decisions that will shape their lives.
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Michael Course for Private and Public Companies

Behavioral scientists reason that humans beings in the modern era are failing to realize their full potential.
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Michael Course in Collaboration with the National Insurance Institute’s Rehabilitation Division

Beginning in 1998, Michael has closely collaborated with National Insurance Institute’s (NII) Rehabilitation Division to provide rehabilitation patients an opportunity to take part in a Michael course that includes a variety of subject areas and is taught using the Michael method of instruction.
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From The Start-Up Nation

"MICHAEL dramatically changed my thinking pattern and the execution plan for dreams I had. MICHAEL is a technology teaching people how to make their dreams come true"

Mr. Avi Gagel
A graduate of MICHAEL course while a cadet at the Israel Defense Force officers' academy. An officer in an elite combat unit, Graduated MICHAEL Mentors' course and is now a MICHAEL team member.

"MICHAEL is a life changing method; it does so, by working on the subconsciousness and by elevating a person's self-confidence and awareness to their given potential"

Ms Irena Hanunov
A practicing lawyer, a graduate of MICHAEL course while attending middle school; a graduate of MICHAEL Mentors course and a team member.

"To me, MICHAEL unleashes the various human potentials!"

Ms Sharon Razhabi
A clinical phycologist (Master), a MICHAEL mentor and a MICHAEL team member.

"MICHAEL had changed my life, from an insecure and a shy student lucking any accomplishments, I finally graduated high school with distinction. The major transformation I experienced being a MICHAEL graduate later on brought me again to MICHAEL and this time as a mentor committed to lead and support others attending this unique program"

Mr. Rafael Shushan
A lawyer, arbitrator and owner of a law firm. As a teenager, graduated from MICHAEL program offered at school; later in life, graduated from MICHAEL mentors' course.

"I arrived MICHAEL after seeing the amazing change my brother experienced while attending MICHAEL course at school. I was suffering from a physical disability that prevented me from walking properly. MICHAEL mentors program built in me the confidence, will and motivation to work hard and recuperate. Today, against all odds, I participate regularly in Marathon races around the world"

Mr. Oren Traisman
A successful businessman and a serial marathoner. Served as an executive manager in various leading companies as well as with the Israeli Government. A graduate of MICHAEL mentors' course.

"MICHAEL has shown an undisputable record in the development of management supporting the effective utilization of one's given potential"

Mr. Omri Krongold
A graduate of a tailored made MICHAEL course for executive managers at the hospitality industry. A former general manager of 5+ stars Enbal Hotel in Israel. A graduate of MICHAEL mentors' course.

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