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The mentors who teach Michael programs are outstanding university students and academics from a broad range of disciplines. All mentors go through a rigorous selection and training process, which includes several selection stages. Ultimately, out of thousands of candidates, only a few dozen are accepted to fulfill this crucial role. The selection process includes workshops, personal interviews, and personality tests. Candidates accepted as mentors undergo further in-service training during their first year of work.While training in the preparatory program, candidates learn the founding principles of the Michael Method. The mentors' preparatory program is designed to ensure their ability to guide study groups based on the unique education principles of the Michael Method. The program also prepares mentors to excel at leadership and act as role models for students.

A Mission statement for
michael’s method mentors:

The days when it was customary to teach students through repetition, exercises, and training are gone. Today, when any information could be accessed and stored at the speed of light, any place and time, new approach for education and learning must be adopted. Professional and technical skills we are still learning today, may soon become irrelevant and outdated; we must therefore make the appropriate preparations for the changes that are already happening. We must provide our students with different tools they will need tomorrow. We must enter the students’ own interior worlds and supply them with the toolkits that will help them convert talent into excellence. We must enable each student to hone their talents in order to adapt themselves to the constantly-advancing world.
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